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Boudoir: (bu-dwar) French for a woman’s dressing room, bedroom or private sitting room; often a luxurious space in which she can indulge in her beauty. Photographers use the word to describe sexy, elegant photo sessions for women seeking a perfect gift for their loved one or themselves.

Boudoir photography is for women of ANY age, shape or size! I view boudoir as an empowering experience for every woman - no matter what phase of life you are in! My mission is to emphasize your best qualities through lighting and posing and to make you as comfortable as possible during your session so I can produce amazing portraits you will be proud to share with your loved one or keep for yourself.

You do NOT need to wait to lose ten pounds or until your hair grows an inch or two longer to have your boudoir session! Prior to your session I will guide you to choose outfits and accessories that are right for your body type and will help you look your best. Once you get to the Studio my number one goal is to make you feel comfortable because when you look and feel confident that is when you are truly your sexiest self!

Boudoir photographs make a great gift for that special someone for their birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or as a wedding day surprise! I also offer bridal boudoir sessions where you bring your veil, garter, wedding shoes and jewelry so we can incorporate them in your boudoir session to make a beautiful wedding day gift for your groom!

All of your boudoir photographs are professionally retouched and airbrushed to enhance your existing beauty. My goal is not to make everyone look the same but to highlight your beauty and emphasize your best assets in your photographs. Don't stress over a few stretch marks or cellulite, I have had extensive training and will expertly retouch your photographs to show the best version of you. You won't believe how empowering and fun boudoir photography can be! Contact me today to find out!!

When to Schedule:

You don't need a special occasion to schedule a boudoir session but if you are planning to give them as a gift for a special occasion I recommend scheduling your boudoir session at least thirty days before to ensure we have ample time for retouching, finishing and design. 

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